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Karen & I went to Mi Famiglia last night about 7:30. After about a 15 minute wait to be seated (not as long as I expected), we sat down to a great meal. Karen hadn't really wanted to drive 45 minutes from Hillsboro for dinner, but when she heard it was Patty's place, said okay. Even standing outside in the warm evening, Karen was commenting that it reminded her of growing up in Chicago and going to dinner with her parents.

We ordered the Valentine special, with baked brie as appetizer, pear gorgonzola salad, a pizza with the chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce for desert. It was all delicious!

Karen & I have been looking to move away from Hillsboro. Karen now wants to move to downtown Oregon City. Needless to say, we will be back. Thanks for the email suggesting Mi Famiglia.
Pete M. - Hillsboro, OR 2/15/2015

While the seating could be more comfortable (I am beginning to tire of bare, wooden bistros), the food is exceptional! Upon tasting his mushroom soup, my husband said "This is how food is supposed to taste." And my blue cheese, pear, walnut salad was the BEST I have ever had (and this salad is featured on everyone's menu now). The greens were fresh and varied, the vinaigrette balanced and understated for once...but it was the seasoning that really set the dish apart. Completely unique and just heavenly. Both of our pizzas were delicious...I had the spicy Greek (not excited about the mushy carmelized onions, but otherwise very good, particularly the crust). Lovely oils. Lovely service.
Mylee K. - Denver, CO - 1/25/2015

A lunch or dinner at Mi Famiglia is a "must" whenever I'm visiting my family in Oregon. We feel lucky to have a delicious and affordable dining experience in the area that is owned by such a great family! We are vegetarians and the friendly staff are always super accommodating. We recently ordered the prosciutto and fig pizza and substituted olives for the meat- so good! Always looking forward to my next visit!!
Bryden J. - Berkeley, CA - 1/13/2015

Remember when you and your parents went out for pizza as a kid? This generation doesn't know what it's missing...........unless you live in Oregon City!!!!!! Mi Famiglia is aptly named. Just a homestyle pizza joint with a lot of flare in a little package. They do wood fired pizza(not an easy task), calzones, and a few salad sandwich options.

Ate dinner there with a couple buddies and was blown away. I'd been hearing how great this place was and now I know. Being veggie, I ordered the veggie pie, but there are several veggie options. My friend had the spicy Greek, also veggie pie, and was kind enough to trade a few slices with me. 

Let's start with the toppings. As any wood fired fan knows, you can't cram a lot on top or it won't cook right, and traditional pie isn't made to have "Americana style" thick crust dripping with cheese and sweet red sauce. My veggies were plentiful, fresh, and full of life even hot on my plate. Artichokes, spinach, pesto, tomatoes, everything popped with flavor. Cheeses were high quality and gave a wonderful 'melty' goodness giving a little salt to the veggie sweetness.

On to the crust! This is where wood fired gets dicey. Even 30 seconds too long in the oven and the whole thing is basically ruined. Here you get a wonderfully chewy crust with just the right amount of char that gives it such great smoky flavor.

I cannot say enough about the lovely staff and the atmosphere. Hard to walk in and grab a table as it's busy for a reason, but once you do you never feel as if they are more concerned with table turns, as they are in you having a nice time. Wait staff was friendly, helpful, and it's service with a welcoming smile here. Cleanliness is huge for me, and although you might see a few crumbs here and there, for as busy as they are this place is very spic n' span. Plus you can tell they have a well trained, and well oiled machine operating in the open kitchen. They don't mess around! The focus is on getting it right, and you have to be on top of your game every time with wood fired pizza.

Overall, this is a family restaurant run by people that know what families need. Great food, reasonable prices, fun atmosphere, and friendly service. As a well traveled backpacker across Europe, I've eaten many a pizza pie. This goes right up there with anything I had in Italy, including Naples where pizza was invented. Five stars without even blinking. This place is a real treat that puts snobby Pearl District places to shame.
Jason A, - Portland, OR - 12/30/2014

SO YUMMY!!!! I got the wild mushroom and my sweetie got one with prosciutto? Not sure but we both agreed SUPER delicious. Had a hard time saving half of each pizza for later but somehow we did. Oh, also they had some excellent 90's music playing overhead but not too loud. Just right. We will definitely be back!!
Kaite C. - Portland, OR 2/21/2014 – 4-STARS

This place has fantastic pizza, above the quality of our standard Oregon City fare. Good calzones, too. Favorites include the prosciutto fig and the molta carne.
Lindsay M. – Oregon City, OR – 2/11/2014 – 4-STARS

A diamond in the middle of old town Oregon city. Great pizza, calzone, salads, etc. Reasonable price for the meal. Service is terrific, only drawback is the wait at dinner hour, get there early.
Cliff T. – Canby, OR 1/25/2014 – 4 STARS

Solid pizza's and panini's, plus an excellent beer and wine selection make for a four and half star rating.....round up for being local and that equals 5 stars.
It's in a charming old Oregon City building with a beautiful brick wall and a very impressive wood fired pizza oven. Service was first rate as well and their prices are very reasonable.
Viggo B. - Canby, OR 1/17/2014 – 5-STARS

We decided to try Mi Famiglia for dinner tonight when we walked in the hostess was super friendly and offered us choices of where to sit and we chose to sit at the bar. The bar tender brought us a drink menu and menu both were very impressive. We placed our orders and were told a bit of back story on the restaurant and menu by another bartender. The place is super cute and everyone that worked there was very friendly. The food was amazing so was the service, we will go back for sure great find!
Lisa W. – Oregon City, OR 12/14/2013 – 5-STARS

Mi Famiglia is a fantastic restaurant, I have never had a bad meal here. The atmosphere is also fantastic. The food is very fresh. There is a variety of pizzas to choose from that are cooked in a fired brick oven. The food can be a little spendy, but it is definitely worth the price.
Kate D. – Portland, OR 12/9/2013 – 5 STARS

The pizza is really good, I'm usually not a huge fan of super thin artisan pizza although I was pleased. I thought the appetizer cheese bread was just okay, but the salad my wife and I split was pretty good. I'd come back to try their calzone.
John A. – Portland, OR 11/4/2013 – 4 STARS

Excellent thin wood fire pizza is sold here. For 4, two 12" pies is just enough so that you'll have room for dessert.

Very good selection of beers sold here.

Biggest surprise were the desserts. By far the best flourless chocolate cake I've ever tasted. Also, the walnut pie a la mode was heavenly decadent.
The service is sincere, reliable, and friendly. The overall modern rustic vibe works charms here and the booths, if you're lucky enough to get one are cozy.

Cannot recall what it was called (was is it the "holy trinity?") but we had a pizza that had sausage, pepperoni and other toppings. Was out of this world delicious.

Will definitely come here again next time I'm in the neighborhood
Tony U. – Oakland, CA 10/8/2013 – 4-STARS

Why wait?  

It seems like the biggest gripe people have about this place is the waiting and the reservations. Both times I've been here it's been at like 4pm, so I've never had to deal with a crowd. At least they have the option to be open then unlike other happenin' restaurants. 

The pies are incredible. Lots of fresh creative ingredients. The crust has a texture that you can't really get at many places. The hardest thing is limiting yourself to a reasonable amount of food. But if you don't want to have to make that choice, just get them all and have leftovers. 

I love the patio, but it's facing the wrong way for the summer. You'll get fried.  

So if you want to get some great wood fired pie. Hit this place instead of the usual Asuspects.
Scott H. – Portland, OR 9/6/2013 – 5-STARS

On a sleepy Saturday afternoon we walked into this restaurant and into Italy! I ordered a Calzone and it was amazing, dancing with a perfect blend of meats, cheeses and fire roasted veggies! The service was top notch!
Yvette W. – Klamath Falls, OR 8/3/2013 – 5-STARS

My favorite local pizza place! So yummy and worth the wait!
Victoria S. – West Linn, OR 6/20/2013 – 5-STARS

One of the best places in the metro area. In fact, the only place we have gone back to three times! There are so many great restaurants in the area most only get one visit. Love the Lasagna, Calzone and pizza. Nice selection of beers with seasonals. The wood fired oven makes for a nice crust. Nice atmosphere and great service.
Robert V. – Newport, OR 2/13/2013 – 5-STARS

Mui delicioso! And a beautiful setting. Pretty good for Oregon city, who previously only had Mcmenimens in its list of places to get a pint and a good meal.
Melissa T. – Boring, OR 1/21/2013 – 5-STARS

Best pizza i ever had in my life.
Snoopy M. – Canby, OR 11/1/2012 – 5-STARS

We had the pear and Gorgonzola salad, it was delicious. It tasted as if the red onions had been marinading in the oil and vinaigrette which made it mild yet still flavorful. The greens were fresh, crisp, and probably a spring mix. For the main course we had the Mushroom pizza. It wasn't too cheesy to overpower the nice selection of resh mushrooms (no button mushrooms here!). The pizza crust was crispy and had that wood fired brown kiss. Our service was friendly, kept the coffee and tea full, and checked on us a number of times. All around great experience. 
Janet B. - Portland, OR 11/1/2012 – 5-STARS

The pizza combinations are absolutely wonderful. You have to save room for their walnut pie ~ especially yummy ala mode! I'm so glad they have gluten-free pizzas, so my daughter can enjoy a pizza too! Great quality ingredients, you won't be disappointed.  
Lucy - Portland, OR 10/24/2012

Decided to stretch out the legs on the new McStylesMobile and wander down to Oregon City. Pizza was what we were craving and Mi Famiglia is well known for theirs. They only offer 12" pies but that suited the two of us just fine. Sometimes you want a pie with all kind of crazy toppings and sometimes youre just in the mood for a simple Pepperoni Pizza. Thats where we were at today. The weather outside was befitting a warm cup of soup and the soup de jour was Roasted Red Pepper w/ Meatball. So we shared a cup of that (creamy!), took slugs off our ice cold beers and took in the exposed brick and high ceilings as we waited it out. It wasnt too long before the tin disc was slid onto our table and our greedy little hands got to work. As you would expect from a wood oven pie it had a bit of char on the crust but it was pretty minimal, and I was impressed that the thin crust held up to the weight of the toppings. Particularly the healthy layer of cheese they put on it. This was a very nice pizza, not too greasy and just the right amount for two people. At only $12 Id say its a hell of a deal as well. Ordering something similar back in Portland we probably wouldve paid twice as much. Service was friendly and thorough and the atmosphere was entirely enjoyable. If youre in the area and looking for pizza Id say look no further.
Drexler McStyles - Portland, OR 10/14/2012

I am obsessed with this place. Their gluten free pizza is to die for, as is their flourless chocolate cake. I think I've taken about five different dates here... shh, don't tell anyone.

I highly recommend this restaurant! 
Anonymous 4/25/29012 – 5 STARS

"This unassuming Italian wood oven pizzeria and bistro in quaint downtown Oregon City delivers amazing food with some unexpected twists.." FOODTREKKER.COM, MAY 2008

"I am always looking for small bistros and casual dining places that serve upscale cuisine without an upscale price. This place is it. The food is fantastic and consistent." C P@INSIDERPAGES.COM, MARCH 2008

"The toppings were brilliant... The meat pizza was the clincher... Not heavy on industrial meat but a thoughtful and generous selection of spicy Italian sausage, sweet capicola, pepperoni, well-caramelized onions and fresh herbs. The beauty was that we could taste and enjoy every individual bit. Even the herbs stood up in the balance.." SUMAN@PORTLANDFOOD.ORG, OCTOBER 2007